Waste and Recycling

We’ve been manufacturing containers since 1989, with over 30 million in the market today.


Cascade Cart Solutions offers custom color carts that can include in-mold and post-mold labeling.

Waste & Recycling

For over 30 years, we’ve been producing carts for both residential and commercial uses. This history of developing long-term partnerships with our customers, while also focusing on the greater good of the environment, has led to the creation of numerous technology products and services that complement our collection container product line.

The EcoCart

Here in the US we have the very real problem of not being able to export our plastics to China any longer. The situation has created market disruptions, threatened municipal recycling programs coast to coast and created havoc in the market. At Cascade, we’re taking action. We have worked with our customers and designed a closed-loop system that utilizes residential curbside plastic, bulky rigid plastic straight out of your recycling program, and into our carts.

Put another way, we have created domestic demand for true post-consumer plastic and are proud to introduce the EcoCart manufactured with 10% plastic right off the curb, offering the same price, same warranty, NO compromise!

The Pink Cart

With every purchase of The Pink Cart, $5 goes directly to the American Cancer Society® to support breast cancer initiatives both locally and nationally. With over 140,000 Pink Carts rolling to curbs each week, Cascade has helped provide ACS with over $665,000 in funds.

Beyond our direct contributions, each participating Pink Cart hauler has the opportunity to make an impact in their local community. Learn more at thepinkcart.com.

Field Service Management

Less downtime. More happy customers. That’s the goal we help you achieve. Our team can work with you to establish a Service Center, right at your location. From curbside distribution, to inventory of new and refurbished carts, to repair activities and eventual recycling, we take care of all activities related to your residential cart base, so you can focus on your collection and processing operations.

CartLogic is the latest generation of asset management software – designed specifically for the waste industry, by the waste industry. By taking advantage of RFID technology, CartLogic empowers full control and responsive service from the convenience of a web-based portal and free mobile app.

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