Our Culture

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A Culture Where Everything, and Everyone Matters

Our Culture and Values

The Cascade Engineering Family of Companies is a family-owned business that is committed to creating an inclusive work environment in which every employee knows they are valued.  We have found that a culture based on inclusion unlocks each employee’s full potential and empowers them to be fully engaged and committed to our mutual success. We believe diversity drives our innovation and as an organization, we thrive on collectively solving difficult challenges that will improve our community, our environment and our financial prosperity.

As a Family of Companies we embrace the following Values:

Triple Bottom Line

We are a living laboratory to prove that businesses that focus on People, Planet and Profit rather than mere profit are more innovative and sustainable.  Our goal is to solve difficult problems with our stakeholders through operational excellence and to have this philosophy and business model thrive and spread.

Empowered People

Using both courage and consideration, we strive to create an inclusive work environment, that empowers employees and they know they are valued as human beings, and treated with dignity and respect regardless of racial, cultural or individual differences.  We want to be recognized as an employer of choice that successfully attracts, retains and fully engages all employees and stakeholders. We will accomplish this by continuously identifying programs, training, and resources that support the career development and individual growth of our people.


We strive to always do what is right for our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and stakeholders. We believe that people are innately good and our expectation is that all of our employees will act with the highest level of legal, ethical and moral integrity. We will be transparent and honest in all of our actions and communications, understanding that trust is the basis of any strong culture. 


We understand that innovation is vital to our long term growth and is an integral part of our culture. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking through experimentation without fear of failing because every experiment potentially leads to a better solution for our internal and external customers.  Through this process, we will continue to provide value by creating unique and sustainable processes, programs, products and services.


We strive for excellence in everything we do and foster a culture that values excellence in talent, skills and equipment.  We attract world-class talent and focus on continuous improvement. Our lean culture is driven by our Cascade Enterprise System which is pervasive in everything we do. We invest in our equipment in pursuit of operational excellence and cutting edge manufacturing.

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