Extensive experience. Solutions ahead of their time. These are the ways we’re driving an industry forward.

Dash Silencer

Cascade Automotive Americas continue to evolve their expertise on lightweight, precise sound barriers.

Air Vents

Cascade Automotive Europe is recognized as the industry leader for air vents, louvres and fluid management assemblies.

Automotive Products

Cascade Engineering Automotive Solutions is a leader in plastic components and systems for the automotive market. Knowing the performance demands of today’s industry, we solve challenges in acoustics, functional systems, design, material selection, and manufacturing. Together with our customer, we provide part consolidation, mass efficiency, weight minimization and cost effectiveness. From initial design and material development to final part delivery, we can handle the entire process, adding value every step of the way.

Cascade Automotive
Around the world, we’re a recognized problem solver in the area of acoustics. From design and material development to full production, we have the capabilities to meet and exceed the toughest requirements, whether the acoustic challenge lies in the engine compartment, wheel wells or interior cockpit. Our processes and material options enable us to make everything from design-dependent dash mats to heavy-duty barriers. We also produce covers for HVAC, engines, solenoids, and manifolds

Where our automotive expertise lies
1 Dash Silencer
2 Airflow and Kinematic Systems
3 Center Consoles
4 Window Trim
5 Acoustic Wheel Barriers

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