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Material Handling

Decade Products, a Cascade family company, offers a complete line of reusable plastic containers and pallets for industrial, agricultural and food processing applications worldwide. Our products offer a unique level of quality, performance, and cost-effective advantages unlike any other containers and pallets on the market. Engineered from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) structural foam, these strong, yet lightweight, completely reusable containers and pallets offer increased life span, superior corrosion resistance, and virtually no maintenance.

Both injection molded and thermoformed products are available from Decade, including the popular MACX® container, the modular KitBin®, Dolav® containers, the new RACX® pallet, the Heavy-Duty line of recycled pallets, and the classic KitBin plastic pallets. Thermoformed pallets and custom-fit trays, round out the complete line of solutions for your material handling needs.

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